5 Fashion Friday Finds Under $50


Stay on trend this season with fashion finds that won't break the bank. Free People - Lace Cropped Shirt Gap - Broken In Khakis Urban Outfitters - Sailor Shorts Victoria's Secret - Wedge J.Crew - Printed iPhone 4 Case … [Read more...]

How to Trim Your Waistline at Work


Sometimes we can become sedentary while at work and get little to no exercise throught the day. Next thing you know, your packin' on the pounds while punching the time clock. Never fear! Follow the tips below to manage your movements and waistline during the day. I recently switched career paths … [Read more...]

How We Are Losing 24 Inches in an Hour

This weekend I began an exciting new project. Yes, I took on another project! I am creating a menu to reset the system and help retrain the palate and continue the inch loss we experienced this weekend. This one is so much fun to me and the group that I am working with has been having just as much … [Read more...]

Your Kid is Fat and I Blame You


If you knew that a child was being starved by his or her parents would you report it to the authorities? If you knew that a child was in danger, would you attempt to help? I am confident that you would. What if the tables were turned and you witnessed a parent abusing their child by over feeding … [Read more...]