5 Tips To Brighten Up Your Make-Up Regimin


Tired of looking tired? When our schedules begin early and end late, we are bound to look as tired as we feel. Brighten up your look with these five beauty tips and you will look as rested as you wish you were. 1) Apply your eye make-up before your foundation. You would be amazed how much of your … [Read more...]

The Beauty Beat: Top Beauty Trends for Spring 2012


Spring 2012 beauty trends are a combination of definition and unkempt glam. From big bushy boy brows to beautiful stained lips and defined cheek bones, spring beauty is all the buzz. Metallic eyeshadow and shoes, are making their way into my heart one shimmer at a time. Palettes made of silvery … [Read more...]

How To Wear Red Lipstick


Red lipstick is always a classic look and very reminiscent of old Hollywood when Hollywood was glamorous and classy. Wearing red lipstick like the pros is tricky and intimidates most women from wearing it. Here are some tips to pull off a bold red lip successfully. 1) Find the correct color red … [Read more...]

My Must-Have Holiday Lipsticks


Red lipstick is my favorite holiday accessory! Every year I visit my local Sephora and begin my hunt for the perfect red shade. Choosing the right red can be difficult. For those of you with natural red hair, stick to warm red tones, and (for the most part) the rest cam stick to cool red tones. Here … [Read more...]