The Beauty Beat: Top Beauty Trends for Spring 2012


Spring 2012 beauty trends are a combination of definition and unkempt glam. From big bushy boy brows to beautiful stained lips and defined cheek bones, spring beauty is all the buzz. Metallic eyeshadow and shoes, are making their way into my heart one shimmer at a time. Palettes made of silvery … [Read more...]

Eyebrow Shaping: Find Your Natural Arch

Sugar Tip: When looking straight into the mirror, take your eyebrow pencil and line it up with your¬†bridge of your nose to find the head of your brow. This will give you an idea of where your brow should begin. You want your eyebrow to line up with the front of the bridge of your nose bringing more … [Read more...]

Beauty Basics 101-Keys to Success: Big Investments Small Costs

You may be familiar with one of my favorite¬†fashion writers Andre Leon Talley, author of Life With Andre for Vogue magazine. He had written an article years ago and one of his quotes was branded into my brain playing over and over like a skipping record ringing true on every accord. He reflected on … [Read more...]