Carbon Neutral Apparel: Sustainable Fashion from Wildlife Works


My tee shirt has a serial number.

Yes, a serial number that can be traced online to determine the carbon foot print, or in this case, lack thereof, that it has on the environment. Rad, right? I thought so.

For many, the idea of helping for the greater good of the environment may mean recycling, ride share or something that is immediate and obvious. You’ve recycled a bottle or can here and there and the result is a full recycle bin. Proof that you took action and you feel like you have done your part.

The idea of getting people involved in the environment on a greater level, when there isn’t necessarily a sense of accomplishment or immediacy, can be difficult. How does one know where their money goes or how it is spent? Last Thursday night, I arrived at Hangr 16 in The Mission, San Francisco for the Wildlife Works launch party to discover that they have found a clever way to get people involved and show them how their money is spent. How, you say? Sustainable carbon neutral apparel.

With all of the environmental buzz words out there it’s hard for the average individual to make sense of it all so I am here to decipher the “code” for you. Wildlife Works has created a line of fashion forward (cute) clothing (tee-shirts, sweatshirts etc.) that are carbon neutral (do not harm our environment) and sustainable (they avoid depleting natural resources).

Made from 100% organic cotton, these fashion forward tee shirts beg to be worn. Creative Director Joyce Hu developed the collection around a more design-driven aesthetic with classic yet contemporary silhouettes. “We want to show the fashion community that you can produce sustainably without charging (an) outrageous price. We want sustainability to be accessible,” says Joyce Hu. “We are socially, culturally and environmentally responsible in keeping our production chain and management lean. Every purchase goes directly to supporting the trifecta for successful conservation efforts: community, forests and wildlife. It’s a three for one give-back purchase!”

Give back is right! In order to curb the rate of climate change, action needs to be taken. But how? Every article of clothing that is purchased through Wildlife Works goes back into that cause. It’s what they call Consumer Powered Conservationsm. Meaning you are helping conserve and reduce the global crisis by being a conscious consumer and buying items that aren’t polluting our environment or depleting the land.


Here’s the breakdown:

    Thirty-eight out of the 400+ local Kenyan Wildlife Works employees work in the eco-factory located on the company’s 500,000-acre REDD project area in the Kasigua region of East Kenya.
    These factory and conservation jobs provide the community economic alternatives to depleting their forest and killing endangered wildlife to survive.
    “Long-term diversified job creation, which is the essence of our successful conservation strategy, is sustained by what we call Consumer Powered Conservationsm

Win! Win! Win!

See? You can make a difference by making better choices. Becoming more aware of where your clothing comes from and how it is made is key. Maybe you haven’t really thought about it before. Consider this: Do you think that a cheap shirt made in a factory in China cares whether or not they are harming the environment? No, they don’t. They often make their overworked, underpaid employees wet their pants because they won’t give them a break. They surely don’t care about anything including polluting your world. As we buy, demand increases. Make the choice to be a conscious consumer. Don’t support it. Fashion is about looking good and doing good.

To learn more about Wildlife Works visit their website: Wildlife Works
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To shop the collection: Make a Difference

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Photos: Id/Ego Photography

Protecting + Wildlife + Forests + Community since 1997.
Wildlife Works is Consumer Powered Conservation in action. We’re all in this together. Whether you buy eco-friendly fashion or carbon credits, we turn your dollars into programs for saving endangered and threatened wildlife and preserving forests around the globe. It’s a win-win where everyone benefits: wild animals +trees + the planet + local communities + you.

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