Build Your Social and Professional Networks To Get The Job You Want

We all are feeling the effects of the economy and losing confidence and faith making it difficult to remain motivated. Take this opportunity to build your social and professional networks to help you find your dream job. Here are ways to build your network and your resume.

Social Networking

***SUGAR TIP: When creating a professional network, remember that it is just that. Professional. Keep personal rants and comments to other social networking programs and edit your feed accordingly.

Get Connected

Linked In

This is a very reputable and powerful website that helps you network professionally with others in or outside of your industry. You can connect with other professionals, find jobs, and ask industry experts questions. It is convenient and accessible making it easy for you to share and receive information. I highly recommend that you create a profile and start building your network. You never know who will connect you with someone who can hire you. There are discussion panels, groups that you can join and resources for you. Join today for free and add me to your network.

Community Resources

  • Find local interest groups that are led by industry professionals. This is a great way to not only build your network but your resume. You can become involved in events and mingle with the best. For example, I joined SFFAMA (San Francisco’s Fashion and Merchants Alliance) and have built a network from attending events and was invited to speak on a panel as well.
  • Local papers and magazines are always a great resource for local events that you can attend. It also is a great way to find out the “Who’s Who” of the community. Some of my favorites are 7×7 magazine, 944, SF Chronicle, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, WWD, San Francisco Business Times, Harvard Business Review, and Diablo Magazine.
  • Mingle. That’s right. Get out there and mingle. Grab a friend or go solo but get out there and meet people. Exchange business cards or contact information and add them to your network. ***As always, use your best judgment when sharing personal information with strangers. Put safety first!

Online Resources

  • Be in the know by signing up for daily emails or RSS feed from other professionals in your industry. It will take some research but can be very motivational.  I like Copyblogger, Business Ideas, and of course SF Indie Fashion
  • Find out who is out there and what they are doing better than you. Learn from them and keep your eyes and ears on what they are doing next.
  • Be an industry buff. Find resources for products and services that are of relevance to what you do.  Start creating contacts with these companies. We like Swirl, Daily Candy, The Zoe Report, Refinery29, and Barneys.

Increasing your knowledge and building your network will ultimately build your resume through experience. The more information that you have and the more people that you know helps increase your chances of finding the job that you really want. Good luck!


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  1. [...] Build Your Social and Professional Networks to Get The Job you Want [...]

  2. [...] Build Your Social and Professional Networks to Get The Job That You Want [...]

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