Build Your Brand Today in Four Easy Steps

Most of our beautiful country is snowed in today so what is a girl to do? Take the opportunity to capitalize on this time to build your own personal brand for less than $12 a year. I have been researching some very impressive individuals recently and found that they all have one thing in common: Strategy. They did the following four steps strategically and are a success as a result of it. I may not know them, but their brand makes me want t get to know them. If you think that you can’t do this, you are wrong. If Snookie can do it, ANYONE can.

How to Create Your Brand

  • Decide what your passion is: Narrow down who you are and what you do in two sentences or less.
  • Find your niche: Who do you want to attract to your information? What community programs or social clubs do they participate in? Are they following any companies or groups on Linkedin? Do you have any common connections?
  • Do something about it: Buy a domain name ( and link it up to a blog template to create an inexpensive website look alike.
  • Start marketing yourself: Use free social services such as Linkedin to build your network. Connect on Twitter and Facebook to keep your network updated.

Personal Brands that I love….

Who are these people anyway? They started out like you and me just an average Joe. The difference is that they made themselves “someone” by sharing their thoughts and experiences online with their friends and clients. Tavi started a fashion blog at age 11. She now has a Wikipedia page. Take note.

Who I am following and why:

  • Tavi Gevinson: She’s brave, bold and bright. And now she is an icon.  the style rookie:
  • Rosalee Eichstedt: I don’t know her but want to. Why? Because her brand is appealing, well done and smart.  Rosealeeonline
  • Gary Vaynerchuk: He is insanely energetic to the point where he is almost annoying BUT, I went to a book signing in Berkeley and he was approachable, down to earth and brings out the best in you. He started out as a kid selling wine in his Dad’s liquor store. Now he is one of the most watched and most influential wine critics online today. I definitely recommend his book Crush It!

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