Budget Birkin? No, A Cute Summer Tote With Style!

First of all, I would like to speak to the fact that I love Bill Cunningham of the NY Times and his absolute RAD job of scouting out street style in NYC. On a bike. Love it.

Secondly, I’d like to shout out my fashionista that keeps me up on all of these beauties far before they hit the streets. Thanks Heather.

Thirdly, I have been sitting on this post for over fours weeks and finally got my act together to write about it.  Lame. But also a blessing in disguise BECAUSE Bill Cunningham shot photos of people all over NYC wearing the Budget Birkin and posted it this past Sunday in the Style Section of the NY Times. Thanks again, Heather! It pays to have an insider.

The Budget Birkin. What you may ask? Birkin and budget can not be in the same sentence, right? Wrong. A company called Thursday Friday makes a tote printed with a Birkin Bag on the side and the bottom. There have been rumors that the French luxe label has sued the company for damages but I can’t confirm. Nor do I want to because I love the tote. HOWEVER, I will say this with the most sincerity. I KNOW the difference between actual and faux. Please note:

I DO NOT support counterfeit materials and fakes. Fakes are NEVER in fashion and it is not okay to purchase them and promote the counterfeit industry.


The fun thing about this little tote is that it is just that. A heavy weight tote with a picture on the side. The picture just happens to be one of the most iconic, most sought after, beautifully hand crafted bags in the world ranging from really expensive to really, really expensive. Over $10,000 each expensive.

Needless to say, it is out of my budget so I will get something cute that is just all round fun. Check out the photos of the bag Heather found at Flaunt in Danville.





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