Bringing Back Head Pieces: Anna Patricia Designs

When people think of headpieces, they typically think of weddings or tiaras. These are not tiaras nor are they cumbersome designs but rather delicate and whimsical pieces. Many are intimidated by the thought of some ornate decoration attached to their head; however, these custom designed headpieces are elegant and as simple as a barrette or hair comb.

Celebs have been wearing headpieces of all types on and off of the red carpet flaunting formally and casually attracting various press and commentary. Pieces can be subtle like Natalie Portman or extravagant like Ke$ha’s feather fest or Lady Gaga. I am not looking to make an entrance, just a subtle statement.

Yesterday, I had a client come in for an appointment wearing this gorgeous black netting and peacock feather headpiece. Her hair was medium blonde and pulled back off of her face in a tight bun and she had on a sea green colored military style jacket with jeans and a cute clutch. We chatted briefly about the days of hats and hair pieces while conducting business. Her style was elegant and playful and inspired me to bring back the look. I had to have one too.

A friend and sponsor of our One Year Anniversary Party, Anna Patricia, designs headpieces and floral arrangements among other things so naturally I called her. She told me that each design is unique and made according to the occasion. By using various materials, she can create the perfect look for any dress or outfit. Naturally, I immediately ordered one. She can create any piece for any occasion and can give you ideas too. I invite you to view her other designs that she has created by clicking here. She will be in attendance this weekend and is arranging a beautiful bouquet for the party. You can also see her beautiful floral arrangements click here.

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