Blogs and Big Dawgs: People We Love

Do you ever wonder what keeps us going everyday? You of course! Here are a few of our industry influences outside of our favorite fans.  My top 3? The Style Rookie, Glamourai, and Cashmere and Cupcakes.



The Big Dawgs

The Style Rookie

Tavi. Need I say more?

Glamourai: She is a glamour girl with serious style. Why do we love her? Because she is resourceful, creative and lives in a small NYC apartment. She’s real, she’s beautiful and oh so crafty. We love her “costumes”, her closet and her DYI section.

What I Wore

Cupcakes and Cashmere

This young beauty is another DYI goddess. She cooks, remodels and has a purse line named after her page. Ahhh…someday!

Sea of Shoes:

This mother and daughter duo is striking. Judy and Jane Aldridge have been making waves in the fashion industry for years. Kim is an avid follower of their page keeping up with their signature style and I had read about them in Vogue.  Judy’s vibrant red hair is just a hint of her inner fire.


Bay Area Babes

SF Indie Fashion

I love Lorraine. She is a BRILLIANT mind and up on all things indie. A graduate of Brown (A.B) and Stanford (M.A.), she is an expert in writing, blogging and social media marketing among other things. Her site is a resource for SF street style, trends and Bay Area fashion.

The Beauty Bohemian

She goes everywhere and experiences everything. In the know at all times and up on the latest beauty and fashion trends.

Gal Meets Glam

Inspiration and Knowledge


Copy Blogger

I use this pod cast all of the time and receive daily emails. I listen to the interviews with the industry experts such as Tim Ferris, learn about SEO and helpful tips for daily entries.

Inside Tim’s Head

Blog Stylist

Food, Health and Wellness


Summer Tomato: Darya Pino PhD is all things delicious and nutritious plus you can trust her with a PhD from UCSF. Her page offers many resources and tips including a FREE guide on how to get started eating healthy, recipes and BS of the week. That’s right, BS! She is a myth buster for Bulls#@t and will tell it to you straight. She is an advocate, a foodie and a Bay Area gem!

Interiors, DYI and Crafty Stuff


Lonny Mag

Design on a Whim

Also see Glamourai and Cashmere and Cupcakes above…

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