Best jeans ever…this year.

I may have happened upon the undeniable holy grail of denim, hold on to your seats ladies.  If you are on the prowl for a new pair of jeans to refresh your Fall/Winter wardrobe…look no further, this is your list.

I have a body shape that can be hard to flatter (like most of us), so the painstaking task of trial and HATRED is a grueling reality of jean shopping in my world.  Too high, too low, too long, too little circulation in my calves…it’s terrible.  I have short curvy legs, high hips, a slightly defined waist, and a bootie that reflects my addiction to Reese’s Pieces.  Though I can fit into most styles and am pretty consistent in size from designer to designer,  very few actually follow me home…I am only willing to part with my piggy bank if magic happens on my lower half when I parade in front of the runway mirrors and flashing flourescent lights.

Magic, has happened.  Pixie dust and all.  My piggy bank is now broken all over the floor and I am staring at my rear view in mirror on my bedroom door.

I have been embarrasingly addicted to my collection of DL 1961 denim for the incredibly firm grip they have on my body creating a smooth silhouette (think denim spanx…), and as much love as I have had for them over the year we have been together, I may have just found something even better.  Gasp.


Rag & Bone Skinny in Harrow

Rag & BoneThe wash is VERY dark with a subtle brown undertone making them incredibly polished, the finish is a slightly stiff fabric really creating and holding shape where it matters for as long as they are on your body (no weirdly distorted stretched out sagging as the day goes on), and the fit is so comfortable you will want to live in them.  I’m not taking them off, ever.


RUNNER’S UP (in no particular order of greatness):

Rag & Bone High Rise Skinny in…every color

Higher rise than the traditional skinny perfectly designed for preventing every flavor of muffin top, a true Rag & Bone skinny ankle fit without strangulating your calves, completely perfect in every denim situation.  I’ll take 12 please.

J Brand 220 Sasha High Rise Skinny in Noir Brown

A seriously exaggerated high rise sealing the entire midsection into one perfectly smooth silhouette, equally as comfortable as your favorite yoga pants (I think I could actually do the downward dog in these), and the color is an interesting wash of brown and black perfectly married.  Love.

J Brand 814 Cigarette Leg in Dark Vintage

An easy straight fit jean with a well loved and incredibly soft wash, they loosen to fit your body as if they can actually hear your thighs talking, and they look immediately amazing.

Citizens of Humanity Elson in Pacific Ocean

A dark wash jean with a straight leg that creates long lean lines and legs for days, a comfortably structured fit, the perfect dressed up denim.

Citizens of Humanity Ava

Your favorite broken in jeans, made fresh by Citizens.  Slightly destroyed and so fantastically broken in, accidentally perfect.



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