Best Find: Victoria’s Secret VS Make-up Line With Application Tips!

Thanks to lessons from my good friend and make-up artist, Chantelle, I have been working tirelessly trying to perfect different make-up looks for different occasions and trying to step out of my comfort zone. We have had live demos and practice sessions learning the tricks of the trade. I have been doing additional product demos and sampling different lines and recently came across the new VS make-up line by Victoria’s Secret. It has everything that you could want to create a professional look with out spending a ton of money. Everything is $8-$16. Amazing! Here are a few of my favorites.

PRO Radiant FX Face Illuminator: The secret to stars like J-Lo and Jessica Alba’s glowing complexions is a liquid luminizer. VS has created this luminizer to give you a soft, sexy picture perfect glow.

  • Application Tip: Just apply a little wherever the sun would naturally reflect; your cheek bones, collarbone, jawline and forehead for the perfect shimmer. ***Don’t forget to wear sunscreen underneath with this or any luminizer. The reflective particles can attract the sun and expedite the coloring of your skin. $14

Brilliant Shimmer Shadow: Sheer for a sexy shimmer or layered for extra drama, this loose shimmer shadow powder has great blend-ability and is perfectly priced at $10. I love silverdust best!

  • Application Tip: For a sexy shimmery eye, apply the brow highlight first just along the brow bone. Blend a light shadow all over the eyelid and a medium shade in the crease. Starting at the outside corner of the lid, blend with your eyeshadow brush back and forth in the crease. For a finishing touch, add the darker shadow to the outer corner of the lid and lash line. Blend to create a smokey, sultry eye.

My favorite feature are my eyebrows. I have them waxed and shaped bi-monthly to maintain a great frame for my eyes. The PRO Brow FX Grooming Gel is the perfect way to keep your brows tame. Not just for the unruly this product will help you keep your brows perfectly shaped all day. $8

  • Application Tip: When you have completed your eye make-up and applied your brow powder (if applicable), apply gel as you would mascara. Gently remove any access from your brush prior to the application to avoid access.

You can find all of these products on their website: Pictures and product information from

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