Beauty Myths Busted! How did you score?

Here are some fun finds on common misconceptions that we have heard over the course of our lives.

You can shrink the size of your pores: Busted! Pore size is genetically predetermined. There are quick fixes that will temporarily reduce the size of your pores giving the illusion of reduction in size. According to Elizabeth McBurney, a clinical professor of dermatology at Tulane University School of Medicine, in New Orleans, egg whites can be used to temporarily tighten the skin. (1)

Greasy foods cause acne: Busted! Unless you are smearing them on your face, this is false.

Crossing your legs will create varicose veins: Busted! Standing all day is worse than crossing them. It is harder for your veins to pump the blood back towards the heart. Prevention is key. According to the Mayo Clinic, “improving your circulation and muscle tone can reduce your risk of developing varicose veins”. (2) When I was 22, I had a painful vein injected and my doctor told me that another good practice is to kickback and elevate your legs after a long day. So kick back!

Leaving mascara on 24/7 won’t hurt my lashes: BU-UUUSSSTED! Please tell me that you all got this one correct.  Mascara can clog your lash follicles and cause breakage.

Did you know that some mascara has tar in it? No, I didn’t. Because it’s not true! BUSTED! The Beauty Bug did some research. Check out what she found out by clicking on her link below. (3)

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