Bat Those Eyelashes Girls: The Low Down on Eyelash Extensions

I have always dreamed of having thick, beautiful, dark, volumous lashes. Much of that is the influence of marketing I am sure but I still want what I want and that means beautiful bat your eyes like you are Aubrey Hepburn bold, black, thick lashes. How does one get such lashes?

This April I celebrated my birthday in Las Vegas with some friends and what is more natural than eyelash extensions in LV? Nothing. I made a mistake of buying fake eyelashes and applying them myself with cheap glue. Two problems occurred. One, the application was slightly uneven. Which to the naked eye, you could not tell because I covered it with a thick layer of black eye liner. The second problem was not as obvious or immediate. Over the following three days, the glue had caused my long lashes to break off and I was left with little nubby lashes. Yikes!

I love the look of full lashes but am now afraid to apply them in fear that I will break off my natural lashes. The same thing happened when I had an all natural eyelash tint. I now live in fear of lash breakage! But I found a solution: Semi-permanent eyelash extensions.

A store bought pack of lashes will run you $3-$7 a pair and can be worn once usually for no more than 8-10 hours at a time. Removal is tricky and can cause damage if not removed properly. Eyelash extensions are anywhere from $45-$250 per application and are costly to maintain. ***But please keep in mind, The cheap eyelashes that I applied to my eyes that caused all of my lashes to break off, were inexpensive BUT I didn’t have eyelashes left. It took 2 months to get them growing and almost 4 months of growth to get back to where they were before the application. Was it worth it? No.

So I got in touch with our friends at Cosmo Spa Lounge in Oakland to find out just how these work and according to Soo-Jin, a specialist at Cosmo Spa Lounge, eyelash extensions will last up to 2 months. Unlike traditional eyelash glue for the skin near the lash line, the lavish glue is actually placed on the lash. As your eyelashes grow out, every 60-120 days, the extensions will grow out with them. You will need to have them filled every 2-4 weeks and of course I recommend having them removed professionally. You can swim, shower and live your life as you normally would without having to worry and looking absolutely FAB-U-LOUS.

Just like that, my eyelash dilemma is solved.If you would like more information on these services, please email me at or contact Soo-Jin at


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