Barneys New York Spectacular Spectator Tote: Fashion Friday with Cyn

For those of you who know me well, you know that Barney’s holds a very special place in my heart. When I was in college, I had a vision for something greater. I knew that the world was far bigger and grander than where I stood and I wanted a piece of the action. I had this inner desire to find my avenue into the fashion world even if it took some risk. I remember this day vividly because it was that moment when I realized it was possible. I was in a local mall browsing through a book store where I happened to come across Confessions Of A Window Dresser By Simon Doonan.


Simon Doonan is the man who made Barney’s windows famous. He started out as a nobody who became somebody by following his inner vision ultimately becoming an American icon. He often chose graphic, controversial content to adorn his window displays to draw attention and start a buzz. The buzz led to fame and there I was standing in the middle of the bookstore with his book in my hand and faith in my heart that one day, I too would start a buzz that led to something grand.


Two days later, I received the book as a gift from a very close friend who wrote “Here’s to unlocking your dreams!” To this day, I continue to unlock my dreams one at a time. Today’s pick is a wish list accessory yet to be had but worth sharing as some day, I will receive this dream too. I encourage you to go to the website for the full effect of this gorgeous bag. The photo above does not do it justice. Happy Fashion Friday everyone!


Sugar Kisses,




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