At Home Fitness: Taking steps towards a healthier you!

Who needs a gym membership to stay fit? Not us! Here are some great ways to get slim or stay trim without leaving your neighborhood.

Walk more! Get out of the house for some fresh air daily for a minimum of 20 minutes. I recommend walking in the morning to get your heart pumping and a metabolism boost for the entire day. If you aren’t a morning person, take the other half of your lunch hour and see the sights. For extra sugar, tack on a second walk after dinner. The calorie count adds up quicker than you would think!

Media Fitness! Let’s face it, we are an electronic age! With all of the cable options these days, you are bound to find a program that is easy to follow. Most offer yoga, aerobics, and even kick-boxing demos. You can even log onto YouTube and find live demos for different at-home exercises.

Soup Can Weights! Who says that Andy Warhol is the only one that can have fun with soup cans? Choose two cans that are of equal weight and use them as weights.

Play time! For those of you that have young ones at home, playtime can be doubled with stretching and toning time. Practice different poses or stretches together teaching them positive health habits.

Daily Log! There is something powerful about accountability. If you have to log it, chances are you will be stricter on yourself. Create a journal and log in in your daily activities and meal times. Watch for trends or patterns to see where you can improve. For extra sugar, find a friend to partner up with and share your journey with.

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