An Inside Look At Tres Chic Productions

The world’s most amazing, brilliant, and breathtaking things come in the tiniest little packages. Wrapped in layers of colorful fabric infused with sheer confidence, Caitlin Larson has exactly what every runway deserves…immeasurable talent, breathtaking beauty, extravagant taste and a natural charisma that is coupled with an “I will not take no for an answer” attitude. Her energy is contagious, and her spirit is so genuine that it can be felt from every corner of the room from the moment she enters.

An experienced talent having already graced runways close to 100 times in her modeling career, Caitlin’s energy may be larger than life, but her stature stands only 5’3” high. The industry standard traditionally seeking women standing 5’9” or higher, petite sized heights like that of Caitlin’s can present an incredible challenge to a model pursuing her runway career…but not for Caitlin. Her persistence and charge to take the world by storm is not to be ignored, and she does not willingly settle for a “no” when she is intently focused on her goal. She is foraging a trail for models everywhere that do not fit the mold, and her movement deserves a round of applause. I love that. A little bit of reality infused into runway, simply brilliant. Tres Chic Fashion and Modeling Productions brings an amazing opportunity to models that may not fit the typical criteria checklist used by other agencies.
Like many other agencies, models learn industry do’s and don’ts, poses, posture and runway walks. They learn hair and make-up techniques, networking tips and styling. The Tres Chic difference is her motto on petite models. She believes that “petite models embody beauty and elegance” and provides them with an opportunity that other agencies may deny. Her productions drip with approachability and are truly a work of high fashionable art. With a team of 36 individually genuine, real, and relatable models, they are producing multiple major fashion events annually. Highlighted with many collaborative shows as part of various local events, Tres Chic has made their mark in their first year running and is preparing to exceed expectations as they move into a bright future. One of Caitlin’s most recent productions was hosted at the Astor Hotel in their elegant ballroom. The models floated by in high fashion pieces from local couture designers and trendy boutiques as the chandeliers twinkled covering the ceiling and a crimson runway. The show consisted of nine designers featuring everything from couture dresses, to pieces in electrically bold colors, to stunning and exotic prints. Her goal is to bring everything amazing about Chicago/New York style high fashion to the fashion community in the Milwaukee.

Tres Chic Productions has been featured by official site of Milwaukee Magazine, in “Forces of Fashion,”. I recently had the pleasure of standing runway side at Roxxy, a Live Motion Fashion Exhibit. The name alone intrigued me enough to lock me in for the evening. Hosted at the Londonberry Showroom in Milwaukee, WI on Friday, August 26, 2011. Roxxy was the fourth ever fashion event produced by Tres Chic, and featured Caitlin along with 12 members of her Tres Chic model team. Showing fashionable styles from both Lounge Boutique of Water Street and couture designer Kia Xiong whose designs parallel Couture Fashion Week New York. A runway in the round, models encircled the banister of the open third floor creating an unexpected stage for the fashion exhibit, in motion. Lights were low, music was hot, drinks were in hand and the intimate audience was captivated. The pieces made a tremendous statement, and the cohesiveness of the collection was clearly intentional. Colorful and playful with a touch of sensuality, each high fashion design brought a unique element to the show. It was a show unlike others I’ve seen, and it was smashing.

For $10 in advance or $15 at the door, entrance included sushi samplings and a complimentary mixed drink of choice along with a night filled with beautiful style. Makeup and hair were colorful statements in height and hues thanks to Motives Cosmetics and The Knick Salon, photographers were in no short supply as flashbulbs lit up the room with every step of the runway production, and style was to be found everywhere. Caitlin is a natural born star, and she is taking her production company right along with her. I look forward to being hypnotized by Tres Chic shows in the future.

xoxo Kimberlee


  1. I was at her show at the Astor and I thought it was awesome. She is a star in the making, no question about that!


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