41415 626113092 8912 n 150x150 JacynMy name is Jacyn Siebert, also known as Cyn Sugar, and I am the force behind Sugar Lips Lifestyle Tips.

I am an everyday girl in an everyday world. I am a friend, a mentor, a sister, a daughter, a grand-daughter, a girlfriend, an artist, a designer, a hostess, a cook, a beauty product and make-up lover, and of course a fashionista. I am passionate about eating well and making sure the children of our future are fed well and taught good eating habits from day one.

I created the blog in Nov. of 2009 as a way to help women across the world increase their confidence one tip at a time. I have been committed to helping women look and feel better about themselves through education, dedication and action for the past fourteen years. By providing women with simple everyday tips, we can help increase their confidence, achieve their image goals, and have fun while doing it. My blog is a way to make this information accessible to all at their leisure.

It is critical that my tips and products are accessible, approachable, easy and fun. I have a variety of interests that include, food and wine, health and wellness, travel, fashion, sustainability, make-up tips, imaging tips and numerous other girlie topics. Now that doesn’t mean that you need to be a “girlie girl” to take advantage of these tips; they are meant to be fun and helpful.

Consultant-Social Media Strategy:  Avital Beauty Lounge, Keiretsu Forum “Ahead of the Fashion”, Sarah Liller San Francisco

Panelist: Fashion Bloggers Connect Fashion Forum and Style Series January 2012

Social Media Manager: Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn Teen August 2011-August 2012

Winner: THREAD Show/SFFAMA Live Style Series April 2011

Panelist: San Francisco Fashion and Merchant Alliance Fashion Mash-Up Tech 2.0 September 2010

Member: SFFAMA May 2010

What I Do: I specialize in brand management and social media marketing for individuals and small businesses who are seeking community presence not only in the retail environment but online. I use SEO to strategically attract and engage potential clients and drive traffic to your website. I interact with your online community as well through all social media channels to help keep your business on the forefront of your client’s minds by offering education, promotion and valuable resources.

My background is expansive and my experience ranges from hospitality and restaurants to real estate and retail. I have an entrepreneurial mind and understand the drive and passion that goes into small businesses and always remain budget conscious. I studied graphic design, advertising and marketing during college and have a keen eye for clean design. I would be happy to set up a consultation to determine your goals and create a marketing strategy to get you there.

Email: jacynsiebert@yahoo.com

Website: www.jacynsiebert.com