5 Tips To Brighten Up Your Make-Up Regimin

Tired of looking tired? When our schedules begin early and end late, we are bound to look as tired as we feel. Brighten up your look with these five beauty tips and you will look as rested as you wish you were.

1) Apply your eye make-up before your foundation. You would be amazed how much of your eyeshadow doesn’t get on your eyes! As you apply your shadow, the access falls on your upper cheeks and below your eyes making your eyes look even darker and more tired. By applying your eye make-up before your foundation, you can easily wipe away the access with a cotton square. Trust me, you will be surprised!

2) Brighten up your cheeks with a highlighter. Matte blush can make skin look dry and dull especially in the late winter months. Add a touch of highlighter to your cheek bones near the outer eye area. This will catch the light and make skin appear dewy and fresh.

A word of caution: Wear extra SPF (like 70) when wearing this product. The shimmer attracts the suns rays and penetrates the skin and can darken your skin.

3) Conceal it with concealer to brighten up the eyes. The area underneath the eye is very tender and requires extra care to keep you looking younger longer. It is very important to conciously care for this area by applying all eye products carefully. PAT DON’T PULL. Apply a very small amount of concealer to your brush, like the one below, lightly pat from inner corner out to upper cheekbone and blend well. Wha-la! Instant eye lift!


4) Use brow highlighter. Kim Kardashian is famous for her eye makeup. What’s her trick? A highlighting shade such as is used directly underneath the brow arch. Blend with a blending brush then reapply as necessary.

5) Exfoliate your skin. Skin cells are constantly turning over and the old cells need to be eliminated so that the new cells can shine through. Think of it as layers of cornflakes, raisins and grapes. The dried up, dead cornflakes need to be exfoliated so that the new skin cells, the grapes, can show through. See my article on How To Exfoliate the Skin for more details.

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