5 Tips on How to Wear Statement Jewelry

I have been on a statement necklace kick recently. There are two things that really make an outfit for me 1) killer jewelry and 2) a statement shoe. I am the QUEEN of mix and match with an outfit recycle here and there. One of my biggest challenges during the holidays is having enough outfits for each event. You have your family events, corporate events, cocktails with friends, dinner with your love, after work gatherings, cocktails with friends, your client parties, cocktails with friends or the hottie you met last time you were out with your friends, etc., etc. and the list goes on. With all of the various holiday events just around the corner, who has time to log which outfit you wore to what and who saw it when and will they be in the another circle in the near future?

Here is where statement pieces really steal the show. The focus shifts from the outfit to the jewelry or your shoes. Here are five tips on how to wear statement jewelry without looking like you tried to hard.

1) Sleek Hair: Nothing makes an entrance like a well put together outfit and great hair. When wearing statement jewelry, choose a look that compliments your face shape and is softly pinned or beautifully sleek.


photo credit Imaxtree

2) Neutral Clothing: Leave the patterns at home and let the jewelry do the talking. Focus on gorgeous fall colors such as rich cognac, deep black and winter white.

3) Bold Pops of Color: I love wearing an all black outfit with a bright, colorful necklace. It brings out the color in my cheeks and compliments my lipstick! I particularly like this piece I found from Altered Space Gallery in Venice, CA by artist Susan Fattler. I love that the Tourmaline cluster brings out the green in my eyes.



4) Big Earrings or Big Necklace, Not Both: Make sure that you aren’t over doing it with too many statement pieces. If you choose a big, bold necklace, then choose small subtle earrings and vice versa. Some statement earrings do not require a necklace at all. Do q quick spin in front of the mirror to see what your eye is drawn to first. If you can’t find a focal point in seconds, you may want to dial it back.


photo credit Imaxtree

5) Shoulders Back, Head Up: This sounds so simple but it makes the biggest difference. Presentation is everything so act accordingly. Walk tall, exercise great posture and lastly, keep your head up for the paparazzi.


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