5 Body Types: Which One Are You?

Now that you have your basic measurements, you can determine which body type you relate best with. We are all unique and these are simply guidelines to help you dress for the body that is the most similar. I have included some rough sketches of each type. And just for the record, although I was an art student and graphic designer, I am not one to draw very well. Nor am I a spelling bee winner which most of you are very aware of. So, don’t judge just learn.

The purpose of this exercise is to help you create balance and appear 10 lbs. thinner. There is one basic rule when it comes to illusion: accentuate the positive disguise the negative. The tips listed next to each body type are to do just that. Let’s get to it.

The Apple

The apple is larger throughout the middle with smaller legs. This body has full breasts and there is little definition at the waist. This type tends to gain weight in the stomach and breasts first.

  • Flowing fabrics such as empire waist shirts to accentuate your cleavage and hide the wider midriff and straight cut blouses.
  • Single breasted coats and jackets will help elongate your torso. Choose a length that will reach the top of your thighs.
  • Concentrate on bringing attention to your lower half with wide and flare leg pants and skirts that are not to tight.
  • Long necklaces and scarves are a great choice for you as well.
  • Avoid horizontal stripes, short skirts/jackets and large belts.
  • Celebs with this body type: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Elizabeth Hurley, Angelina Jolie, and Jennifer Hudson.

The Super Model

I call this body type the super model because it sounded better than “yardstick”, “rectangle” or “asparagus”(they didn’t seem very appealing so I changed it). It also happens to be the body type of the majority of the runway models so it made sense to me. This type is athletic with shoulders that are fairly even with the hips and wider across the chest and waist line with little distinction between each. This type gains and loses weight evenly.

  • This body should avoid tight tops and dresses.
  • Focus on short blazers, pleated skirts of all lengths, ruffled or elaborate tops and long lean pants.
  • Create a waistline by adding a dark belt at the waist and accentuate your toned legs and shoulders.
  • I would also avoid wide-leg pants
  • Celebs with this body type: Cameron Diaz, Cheryl Crowe, and Hillary Duff.

The Pear Shape

This body type has narrow shoulders and wide hips and upper thighs.  My drawing could have been a little more dramatic in the shoulder area. This type gains weight in the upper thighs, butt and hips first. This is an easy body type to dress for and in my opinion, is one of the sexiest shapes.

  • Large patterned tops, shoulder pads to create the illusion of balance, and large collars are all beneficial.
  • V-cut and wide boat neck lines are also good.
  • I would choose a medium to long length jacket, straight cut skirts and pants concentrating on darker matte colors for each.
  • Avoid high waist pants and pleated or patterned skirts.
  • Short necklaces look best on this shape.
  • Celebs with this body type: Beyonce, Shakira, Eva Mendez and J-Lo. Hot lil’ mamas right?

The Hourglass Figure

This figure has a narrow waist with shoulders and hips that are of equal measurements. Accentuating the waist is a highlight while also focusing on the upper and lower body curves.

  • Women with this body type look amazing in cinched waist jackets and wrap dresses or shirts.
  • Belted waist lines both wide and skinny are a plus.
  • You could wear flared, wide-leg or boot cut jeans to balance the hips. If you choose to wear skinny jeans, balance it with a loose top that shows off your waist.
  • Necklaces that are short to medium in length look best on you.
  • Celebs with this body type: Halle Berry, Salma Hayek, Megan Fox, and Scarlett Johansson

The Reversed Pear / Inverted Triangle

This body type has broad shoulders and bust with narrow hips with long, lean legs. The key to this type is to add balance to the hips to create an hourglass figure.

  • Flared pants, wide-leg jeans and A-line skirts or anything that flairs at the hemline work best.
  • Dresses that are wider on the bottom and fitted at the top
  • Show off your shoulders
  • Shirts that cinch your waistline and flair at the hips
  • Low V-necks and U-necklines make you look longer and leaner and draw the eye down.
  • Celebs with this body type: Naomi Campbell, Demi Moore and Renee Zellweger

Apply these simple tips and you will see a huge difference in your personal style. Feel free to email me with any questions that you may have at sugarlipslifestyletips@gmail.com.


  1. I really enjoyed this post, especially the “examples in this post” portion which made it really easy for me to SEE what you were talking about without even having to leave the article. Thanks

    • Thank you for reading! You are the only one that thanked me for the funny drawings but it is helpful for readers to look in one glance. Which body type are you? I look forward to your readership and hope that you visit my site often.

      All My Sugar,

  2. I will tweet this specific thing yesterday All though you wrote it. Ill mention your post.

  3. I find your blog by bing. It is a pleasant webpage along with graphic. I will frequently return.

  4. I am maybe in the hourglass figure. lol!

    Well I can tell coz I exercise a lot and loves to stay fit. ;)

  5. Thank you for reading and sharing the information with me about cellulite.

    With Sugar,

  6. Thank you for reading, Brant. I appreciate your feedback and will keep it in mind for future posts.

  7. Thank you for reading; I am excited to hear that you are enjoying the site and love to hear from people when they find my content interesting or helpful. If you are interested, you can also follow me on Facebook (Cyn Sugar and http://www.sugarlipslifestyletips.com) and Twitter (sugardollies). Thank you again for your feedback.
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  8. Thank you, Mildred. I appreciate that very much and look forward to your return.
    With Sugar,


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