2010 Summer Hairstyles: Trends To Try

Head into summer with an extremely sexy hair style. This season is all about updo’s and side swept looks that are playful and fun. Soft curls and relaxed faux bobs are romantic and taking center stage. These appear to be created with ease and are just messy enough to soften any look. It may take you some time the first go ’round so plan a a few extra minutes in the morning or play with the look the night before. Check out these pictures I found on Elle.com for 2010 Best Summer Updos.

Front Split

The front split with longer bangs was all over Fashion Week. Soft tresses with lightly pulled back ponytails or buns as seen in the photographs of Olivia Palermo on right and Alexa Chung on left. These looks are great for casual or fancy affairs alike.

Buns Hun

I like big buns, little buns, side buns, slick buns, high buns and even the “Mega” bun. The irony of the “mega” bun is that it was on J-Lo’s head. I wanted to change it to big bun and then paused…no one would know which bun I was referring to, her head or her famous behind. The high bun on Kate Bosworth is a classic, elegant look and perfect for numerous events. Although she does not have any accessories on in this photo, I would suggest that you wear a statement necklace OR a pair of statement earrings to really set off the look.

To The Left…It’s All About The Side

Everything is side swept and sassy! Side braid, side hair knot, side pinned roll and side ponytails. 

How To Create a Side Swept Look

You will need bobby pins and hair ties. I like the look of a side swept bang opposite of the side knot to create balance.

  • Tease hair at the crown to create lift. Smooth over with a bristle brush or keep a small section of hair that hasn’t been teased to lay over the top.
  • Pull hair to one side of your head and put hair into a ponytail.
  • Take the end of the ponytail and twist. Loosely wrap the twisted ponytail around the hair tie similar to a bun.
  • Bobby pin the end underneath the base of your ponytail concealing your clip.
  • Gently pull on the wrapped hair to create a long twisted knot.
  • Clip any fly-away hairs with additional bobby pins.

All images are from Elle.com and Getty Images. Image of Rebecca Romijn is from Google Images/ bdbphotos.com


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