4 Reasons to Pimp Out Your LinkedIn Profile


LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social networks in the social space today and building it out so it includes extra detail will help make the program work for you. Here are four reasons to pimp out your profile:

1) Recruiters use the network to find qualified candidates. Make sure your profile is complete and information is up to date and accurate. This way the interest and offers you may receive will be accurate. Why work so hard seeking a role when it can look for you?

2) Your LinkedIn profile provides more information than a one page resume. This is a great way to share additional insight to your projects, educational path and career history. you may want to include a link to your profile in your email signature or add a QR code to your resume.

3) It’s the new business card. What happens to all of the business cards collected after a week long conference? Hard to say. If they haven’t forgotten who you are, they may never get around to adding you to their contact book. Instead, ask them to connect on LinkedIn. This is not only more memorable, it makes it easier to deepen that relationship and share industry related news at the click of a button.

4) You look smarter. Who doesn’t want to look smarter? LinkedIn is a great way to stay current on industry related news and updates. Make a habit of checking it each morning and sharing with your audience along with a personal comment. Use of the platform on a regular basis can position you as an industry leader.

Keeping an updated profile will help you find the right role at the right time while remaining relevant. Best of luck!

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