Kimberlee’s Pick Of The Week: Victoria’s Secret Cotton & Cashmere Off-The-Shoulder Sweater

My pick of the week is this completely affordable Victoria’s Secret Cotton & Cashmere Off-The-Shoulder Sweater. It is fantastically trendy and at a mere $25 it rocks a seriously sexy silhouette that boldly bares the shoulder while gracefully, and forgivingly, grazes the body to create a look that is universally flattering. The delicate feel of the cashmere blend offers a luxurious softness that is versatile in temperamental spring weather. It’s warm enough for a chilly morning and with the off the shoulder cut, it makes this a great go to piece even in the warmer weather. Wear it solo with a cute pair of jeans and a stiletto, or (my personal fave) layer with a white tank and add a bulky scarf in a complementary color for more visual interest. Available in a variety of hues (I snagged two, one in a beautiful shade of blue the other in blazing sun yellow), this is a true hit on the bargain hunter’s list!


Photo from Victoria


  1. If only more than 87 people could read about this!

  2. So what do you suggest for women with a larger bust who want to wear this look, but require a bra? I’ve tried the strapless, but they SUCK. Thanks Kimmers!

    • Hi Maria!
      Have You tried a a bandeau? I recently had a run-in with these little gems…not for the smaller chested ladies like myself because they really brace what little bit of curve I have up there, but would be fabulous for someone a little more well endowed. Or if all else fails, wear a tank underneath the shoulder baring top that has a cute shoulder strap wide enough to hide your bra strap. Let me know how it goes for you!

    • Thank you for your question, Maria! Isn’t she fabulous? I am looking forward to hearing from you again after you have tried her suggestions. Keep me posted!
      With Sugar,

  3. Thank you for reading!


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