2010 Gloden Globe Highlights: Fashion, Accessories and More!

The beauty, the fashion and the timeless glamor of Hollywood was well represented tonight at the 67th Golden Globes in Los Angeles and it continues to capture the attention of the entire world.  Although I wasn’t wild about the venue in all it’s glowing blue glory, I thought that host, Rickey Gervais, was a riot. Here are a few of my favorite dresses, accessories and more.

Sandra Bullock’s up-do and sheer dress

I love this romantic side-swept up-do. The soft curls and draped pieces are sexy and subtle. Her dress is the pop of color needed in a drab time. The sheer leg is tastefully done. Her make-up is perfect.

Jennifer Aniston’s Dress

Sexy, sultry and H.O.T.

Kate Winslet

I think that Kate looks better than ever. She’s confident and poised.

Jeff Bridges

The applause for Jeff Bridges was amazing; he was so humbled. I loved that he recognized each of his fellow cast members by name.

Cameron Diaz and Nicole Kidman

Cameron Diaz’s bracelet was also a hit. I love the dangling gold. Nicole Kidman rocked multiple bangles and perfectly paired earrings. They are romantic with vintage flair.


  1. lol, Jen is so wild! I love her.

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