2009 Travel Tips to Keep You Healthy This Holiday Season

The holidays are around the corner and travel is inevitable. 2009 travel differs from any other year with the H1N1 pandemic causing additional concern. Here are a few easy tips to make your travel a bit easier.

Hand Sanitizer: Normally I am not one to promote the idea of carrying around hand sanitizer; however this year, I feel that it is a good idea.

Tissues and Baby Wipes: You don’t have to have little ones to carry these around in your handbag. They are great for a quick clean-up of the hands or face when the bathroom isn’t accessible.

Stay Hydrated: If you have upcoming travel plans, be sure to drink plenty of water leading up to your flight. Carry lip balm and a small container of hand lotion in your purse to keep your hands and lips moisturized.

Vitamin C: In addition to your daily dose of vitamins, buy some clementines. They are at the height of the season, perfectly delicious not to mention easy to carry.

Travel safely this season and keep your health as the number one priority.

With love,

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