10 Tips for Reducing and Preventing Crows Feet

20130923-183558.jpgA girlfriend from college asked me how do you get rid of crows feet? Loaded question! There are so many factors that can help reduce the appearance of “smile lines” near your eyes without having to pump your face full of poison. Here are ten tips to reduce or prevent the appearance of crows feet and fine lines.

1) Drink at least 8-10 8oz glasses of water throughout the day (not all at once). The more dehydrated you are, the more they show.

2) Makeup application also plays a factor. If makeup settles in the creases, they are more pronounced. Go easy around the eyes.

3) There are two ways to combat them: prevention and reduction. Use one for day and one for night. I recommend using both daily.

4) Do you smoke or have you smoked? That will age you twice as quickly. Plus it’s a disgusting habit and I am judging you for it.

5) Squinting – get some sunglasses that shield the tender skin around your eyes from rays and keep you from squinting.

6) Pat don’t pull. Pat your makeup on, don’t pull your eyelids out on the corners to add liner.

7) Avoid waterproof mascara. It’s hard to get off an you end up rubbing your eyes to get a clean look. Unless you cry every day all day, use regular mascara. Chances are, your issue is related to something else such as wet concealer.

8) Pre-wash/soak off eye makeup by gently applying warm water to your finger tips. Gently run finger tips across lashes to dampen before removing. Soak a cotton square with remover and hold over closed eye. Repeat until gone then gently swipe remover underneath the eye. Rinse to remove excess product.

9) Don’t rub your eyes it stretches the skin. Got an itch? Be gentle.

10) Do your research on product before buying. Read the reviews and seek out before and after photos. Always remember, anything is better than nothing.


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